Chido Mexican Grill

One of the first new establishments in the Aarhus culinary scene’s recent “Mexican wave,” Chido Mexican Grill offers a delicious alternative to the American and Middle Eastern fast food options that are nearly ubiquitous by now. By combining fresh ingredients, excellent recipes and not least large portions, Chido has a winning formula in its mission to convince Aarhusians of the delights of Mexican food. Purists may question the authenticity of Chido’s American “Mission style” approach to Mexican Food, but surely few would deny it is absolutely delicious.

The prices are very reasonable, too: 50—60 DKK will net you a hearty meal of either burritos, tacos or quesadillas, sure to satisfy most diners’ appetites — and if you’re feeling extra hungry, a side of nachos will set you back no more than 25 DKK. ¬°Buen provecho!

Selected prices

Burrito (beef or chicken)
62.00 DKK
Burrito (pork)
60.00 DKK
3 tacos (chicken or pork)
62.00 DKK