Globen Flakket

Despite its name that few people really understand, Globen Flakket is a staple in the Aarhus café scene. The large and popular café by Europaplads is a fairly ordinary café for the most part, offering traditional dishes at prices that reflect its prime riverside location. Globen is hence included in this guide for a very particular reason, namely its various buffets which are, quite frankly, an absolute steal.

Globen Flakket’s breakfast buffet, cake buffet and soup buffet will each set you back a mere 42 DKK, letting you eat to your heart’s content. The breakfast buffet, available on weekdays 9 to 11, includes three kinds of bread with cheese and cold cuts, yogurt, eggs, porridge, and fruit. The cake buffet lets you munch 6—8 different cakes from 14 (weekends 15) until 16:30. And the soup buffet on Sunday through Thursday (17—20/21) contains two different soups as well as fresh bread, also ad libitum.

Though Globen Flakket is a fairly average café with fairly average riverside prices, these three offers are excellent frugal options with prices hard to beat this side of the German border.

Selected prices

Buffet (breakfast, cake or soup)
42.00 DKK

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