Haute Friture

Situated in Graven in the hip Latin Quarter, Haute Friture is a modern take on the traditional grill bar. The menu doesn’t exactly have a clear direction, offering both a 21st century adaptation of the classic Danish hot dog (29 DKK), traditional Italian Porchetta (70 DKK), and a wildly varying “dish of the week.” Haute Friture also lets you buy half a roast chicken with fries (75 DKK) or even take away an entire roast chicken for 100 DKK — quite a steal, being somewhat close to the price of a raw chicken in a supermarket.

Haute Friture deserves a recommendation for its ability to serve solid, unpretentious and filling food at very reasonable prices. If nothing else, drop by to try the excellent Lecoq Dog or a portion of the superb fries (25 DKK).