Murphy's Burger Joint

Murphy’s Burger Joint is one of the best examples of Aarhus’ recently influx of so-called burger joints serving an alternative to the widespread, loaded cafĂ© burger. As with numerous other new establishments, Murphy’s offers a relatively simple burger that you can eat with your hands. The burgers quite simply consist of a soft bun, a medium done patty with high-quality ground beef, and the bare minimum of fresh vegetables: tomato, onion, and lettuce. In addition, the obvious additions are available, namely cheese, bacon, and extra patties. And it all tastes, in a word, fantastic.

Even more impressively, though, Murphy’s burgers are very reasonably priced. A burger by itself is 50 DKK (55 with cheese), while a meal including fries and a soft drink sets you back 75 DKK. We’re talking McDonald’s level prices here, for a vastly superior meal. Murphy’s Burger Joint is, without a moment’s hesitation, one of Aarhus’ absolute best frugal dining options for when you’re craving greasy fast food.

Selected prices

Burger meal (incl. fries and soft drink)
75.00 DKK