Guide to the guide

Aarhus on a Budget (AOAB) is structured to be as simple and easy to navigate as possible. That said, here’s a quick introduction to the basics of the structure, intended to make it easy for you to find the best frugal places in Aarhus.

At the core of AOAB’s structure lie (currently) three sections:

  • See: Sights and attractions
  • Eat: Restaurants, cafés and the like
  • Drink: Nightlife

We hope to soon extend this to also include sections for accommodation as well as events and temporary experiences.

As a point of departure, each place belongs to the one section that best describes it. If it offers excellent value on several parameters, however, it can be listed in multiple sections. An affordable café that turns into an expensive (or even average-priced) night club only belongs to Eat. A free cultural attraction that also offers affordable (and good) meals belongs to See and Eat. You get the point.

In addition, each entry is filed under one or more categories, which have cute icons associated with them. These more specific categorisations include nature nature, cafés local_cafe, architecture account_balance, and so on.

In terms of the prices listed, it’s all rather subjective. As a rule of thumb, however, $ generally refers to something that is among the absolute cheapest options in its category, while $$ refers to something that’s not the cheapest but still offers excellent value. Finally, Free ought to be fairly self-explanatory.