This is (frugal) Aarhus

Behold, Denmark’s second-largest city. Home to some 300,000 people, Aarhus has long been overshadowed by the nation’s capital to the east. Nonetheless, the capital of Jutland is a confident city, keen to describe itself as “the world’s smallest big city.” And make no mistake, Aarhus’ confidence and ambitions have very real consequences, as the city is a major Danish growth centre that has been named European Capital of Culture in 2017.

Located at the mouth of the namesake river, Aarhus is developing at a rapid pace. The Northern Docks that housed Aarhus’ industrial harbour are being redeveloped into a residential, commercial, and educational precinct. The former site of the cherished Ceres brewery is undergoing a similar change. And Denmark’s first light rail transit system is under construction, intended to better connect the City Centre with Aarhus’ suburbs.

Aarhus is also a city of contrasts. While the wealthy neighbourhoods of Risskov and Højbjerg may contribute the most to the city’s financial backbone, there’s no denying Aarhus’ youthful spirit. An estimated 50,000 students make Aarhus an educational hub of Denmark, with its ratio of students to citizens being the country’s greatest. Consequently, while Aarhus does receive international attention for its blossoming haute cuisine scene, a growing number of businesses also cater to the less affluent yet ample population of students.

Despite being one of the most expensive cities in one of the most expensive countries in the world, Aarhus really does have something for everyone. We’d like to help residents and visitors alike—whether students or simply frugalites—navigate the vast number of affordable experiences in Aarhus. Free experiences, thrifty meals and a cheap night out—it all belongs here. We’d love for you to aid us in our quest by tipping us about great affordable places and spreading the word about AOAB to likeminded people.

This is Aarhus. We hope you enjoy your stay.