Situated at the river among polished upscale cocktail bars and nightclubs, Bodegaen feels somewhat out of place. It is perhaps best described as a modern take on the traditional Danish watering hole, known as a værtshus or (indeed) a bodega. Bodegaen doesn’t feel quite as grimy and dungeonlike as many of its namesake establishments, but it is one of the cosier of the riverside bars. And quite importantly for the purpose of this guide, its prices are mostly reasonable. For instance, in an ongoing promotion, Bodegaen offers two litres of draught beer as well as 10 shots for 175 DKK — not at all bad for an Aarhus pub, especially given its location in prime real estate centrally by the river.

Take note, though, that Bodegaen typically gets absolutely packed during weekend nights, while some of its prices also spike after 10pm Fridays and Saturdays. For these reasons, it may be advisable to show up somewhat early when heading to Bodegaen during the weekend.