Botanical Gardens

Aarhus’ Botanical Gardens, one of the city’s oldest parks, are a lovely retreat enjoyed by families and students alike. The park is located in hilly terrain with a stream of water and a number of paths running through it, and numerous delightful retreats can be found, including a quiet spot with two benches by one of the garden’s ponds (pictured). Finally, the southern edge of the park hosts a quaint and beautiful (reconstructed) mill while also offering excellent views of both the Old Town and the present-day City Centre.

In addition to their qualities as a beautiful park, the Botanical Gardens (as their name would suggest) contain a plethora of different plants labelled with their name and region of origin.

Don’t miss

  • The nice views of the Old Town (and the contrast with the Prism highrise behind it), visible from the southern end of the park

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