Café Paradis

A few years back, Café Paradis was known as the place to go when all other nightlife venues were closing. Being one of very few places open quite literally into the morning hours (at one point until noon), the bar would regularly cause crowds at 5am across the city’s central squares, as those not yet finished with their night out would migrate from riverside clubs to “the last café,” as it was quite aptly known.

Since changing owners in 2011, Café Paradis is now more of an ordinary bar, shutting at 5am like the majority of Aarhus’ nightlife. It does however retain some of its original charm, being located in a cosy setting above the independent cinema Øst for Paradis. Additionally, though Café Paradis is by no means unknown or unpopular, it tends to get significantly less crowded than a many comparable places in the City Centre.

To describe the Paradisgade bar as “cheap” would be an overstatement, as its price range is probably best described as average or slightly below average: A bottled beer goes for some 30 DKK, a draught beer for 45 DKK, and cocktails start at 50 DKK. Café Paradis is however an excellent option for budget- conscious partygoers who prefer a relaxed atmosphere to one of the typically overcrowded “budget” establishments scattered around town.