Café Under Masken

Located down a staircase immediately next to the upscale Hotel Royal/Royal Scandinavian Casino, the small Café Under Masken (Under the Mask) differs from its neighbour in essentially every single regard. Under Masken is owned by the eccentric artist Hans Krull, whose philosophy and artwork truly permeates the bar. From its intricately decorated entrance to the aquaria built into the establishment’s wall, it is unlike any other watering hole in town.

This all contributes to a cosy and intimate atmosphere whether you visit Under Masken during the afternoon for a cup of coffee, in the evening for a (reasonably priced) beer, or at night for one of the unique and rather peculiar house cocktails. With a diverse clientele counting both young students and middle-aged creatives, Under Masken is absolutely worth a visit for anyone wishing to try something of the ordinary — if for no other reason, pay a visit to experience a pub whose décor and atmosphere might be (rightfully) described as both strange and cosy. Be prepared, however, for a lot of smoke, as smoking is allowed indoors and indeed seems a favoured pastime of many visitors.