Den Permanente

Located some two and a half kilometres north of the Aarhus City Centre, Den Permanente (officialy Den Permanente Badeanstalt, or “The Permanent Swimming Bath”) is an immensely popular beach. Each summer, thousands of visitors (particularly young ones) flock to this strip on the Bay of Aarhus, which sits on a picturesque spot at the foot of the forest Riis Skov.

Den Permanente consists of a central compartment open to anyone as well as two closed compartments intended for gender-segregated nude bathing. During the peak of summer, it is not uncommon for the crowds to spill beyond the enclosed beach onto the sand stretch to the south, which is also a popular location for barbecues. The popularity of Den Permanente, resulting largely from its central location, means it may be advisable to arrive early in order to secure a nice spot.

A railway station on the Aarhus Commuter Rail (Aarhus Nærbane) once served Den Permanente but was closed in 2005, making it somewhat inconvenient to reach the beach by public transportation. The beach can however be reached by paths through the beautiful Riis Skov (pedestrian) and along the seaside Risskovstien (pedestrian/bicycle), both being genuinely pleasant experiences on a nice summer day. Den Permanente is accessed through a tunnel beneath the railroad immediately next to the ice-cream booth at the foot of a staircase from the forest.

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