Go' Kaffe

Located on the Frederiksbjerg street of Ingerslevs Boulevard—arguably Aarhus’ version of the famed Champs-Élysées in Paris—Go’ Kaffe is an excellent little place to grab a quick cup of coffee to go (or sit and enjoy on the lovely boulevard). Though the building-slash-shed is rather unimposing, the coffee shop actually lives up to its name, which in Danish quite simply means “Good Coffee.”

The owners of Go’ Kaffe have managed to cram a fully-equipped coffee kitchen into the rather modest space, which used to be a traditional Danish “pølsevogn” serving hot dogs to passers-by. This means you can get an excellent selection of espresso-based drinks starting at 15 DKK (for a straight espresso) and rising to 30 DKK for a cappuccino. Mind you, that’s a price level at which it’s difficult to find any caffeined beverage in swanky mid-town cafés. The shop of course also serves the obligatory pastries such as croissants and cakes from the upscale Briançon bakery by the river.

Go’ Kaffe might have Aarhus’ cheapest coffee, if you disregard the literally free coffee available at føtex food. Even if not, it’s certainly some of the best value you can get anywhere in the city.

Selected prices

15.00 DKK
Caffè latte
25.00 DKK
Filter coffee
15.00 DKK