Havnens Perle Danish diner

While traditional Danish grill bars aren’t exactly the hippest of places these days, Havnens Perle deserves a mention. The food is devoid of all snooty New Nordic culinary tendencies, but the café on the harbour does offer solid, traditional Danish fast food. Burgers, fries, bøfsandwich, fried chicken and what-have-you — Havnens Perle has it all, at very reasonable prices. To top it all off, “the Pearl” has special offers during weekdays in the form of a filling Danish dish (depending on the day) at a greatly discounted price making it a borderline steal.

Don’t miss

  • The legendary “bøfsandwich” (burger with gravy), considered among the best in the country

Selected prices

Large "bøfsandwich"
65.00 DKK
Large "bøfsandwich" (Mondays)
45.00 DKK
Dish of the day (Tue–Fri)
40.00 DKK