Ris Ras Filliongongong

The peculiarly named café Ris Ras Filliongongong describes itself as a “common living room for the locals” in and around Mejlgade. And indeed, Ris Ras has long been a favourite destination of thirsty Latin Quarter residents, both during the day when coffee is the best seller, and later at night when Ris Ras excels with its impressive selection of over 100 different beers.

Ris Ras is famous for its iconic façade on the corner of Mejlgade and Sct. Olufs Gade, where the red “Tabac” sign has persisted for many years. On the inside, Ris Ras has a cosy, relaxed décor that corresponds well with its informal atmosphere and friendly personnel. Additionally, the prices are, for the most part, very reasonable. If you’re in the market for a cheap beer, Ris Ras’ own (customly labelled) bottle is usually a safe bet — and while the café doesn’t serve food, you’re welcome to bring your own if you’re feeling peckish.

Selected prices

Own-brand beer ("høkerbajer")
28.00 DKK