Aarhus University & the University Park

Besides being one of Denmark’s premier research institutions, Aarhus University also sports a renowned campus centred around the stunning University Park. Spanning roughly 15 hectares, the park is a major feature in the northern part of central Aarhus, where it provides an appreciated green oasis away from the bustle of the City Centre.

The University Park is the site of two major student-organised events each year: The (in)famous boat race (Kapsejladsen) in April/May and the free-to- attend festival Danmarks Største Fredagsbar in September. Outside of these events, and particularly during spring and summer, the park is a much-loved hangout spot for both students and visitors wanting to soak up the atmosphere that curiously combines knowledge and learning with youthful spirit and broad- mindedness.

Don’t miss

  • The stunning white Victor Albeck Building from 1910 at the southern edge of the park, which today houses the University's Library of Medicine
  • The Assembly Hall (Aula) facing Nordre Ringgade at the park's northern edge, as well as the adjoining courtyard with a beautiful view of the park
  • The centrally located lake, which houses a large number of ducks and gulls, and in spring also hosts the immensely popular student boat race (Kapsejladsen)

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