State and University Library Cafeteria with cheap Saturday brunch

The State and University Library (Statsbiblioteket), is an impressive feat, housing a copy of every single book released in Denmark since 1902 (and then some). With its 45-metre windowless book tower perched at the northern edge of the University Park, Statsbiblioteket is arguably one of the university’s most recognisable landmarks, making it worth a visit in its own right. If you’re around in mid-June, make sure to visit during the library’s open tower event, allowing you to take the lift all the way to the top of the tower and enjoy the spectacular view.

For the purpose of this guide, the cafeteria deserves additional emphasis. While not serving haute cuisine of any kind, Statsbibliotekets Kantine does offer excellent sandwiches and salads at its price point — and the large variety of excellent cakes is nothing short of impressive. All at a price friendly to the influx of students and frugal visitors alike.

Statsbiblioteket’s popular brunch is worth mentioning, too: Saturdays from 10am to 1pm you can fill a lunch or a dinner plate (40/50 DKK) with eggs, sausages, fresh bread with a variety of cold cuts, and yoghurt with granola. A satisfying Saturday meal at an unbeatable price. Get your coffee in the lounge at the opposite end of the central foyer, where a futuristic machine prepares and serves espresso-based coffee in numerous varieties (including hazelnut- flavoured sugary drinks) starting at just over 10 DKK. Payment by card or MobilePay.

Selected prices

Saturday brunch (lunch plate)
40.00 DKK
Saturday brunch (dinner plate)
50.00 DKK
Self-serve Lungo coffee (medium)
13.00 DKK
Self-serve Caffè Latte (medium)
15.00 DKK

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