Der Kuhstall

Despite its German name and Bavaria-inspired aprês-ski décor, Der Kuhstall is in all honesty not a very authentic German “Bier Bar.” As with its predecessor, the Bridgewater English Pub, Der Kuhstall is a bar catering to the masses, as you would expect from any riverside bar with a (quite impressive) size. The Cow’s Stable, as the name nicely translates into, is a very popular hangout, especially among students in their early 20s.

Der Kuhstall has regular drink offers making it a frugal choice and copious opportunities for dancing, both on the dancefloor and the tables — which is all but encouraged at this party central. Be aware, however, that offers generally expire at midnight; so if you’re pinching pennies, you might want to limit your drink consumption (or change venues) during the late night and early morning hours.

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