Lecoq in the Latin Quarter street of Graven is a much-loved Aarhus institution, containing both a restaurant and a bar. For students and other thrifty people, the bar steals the show, offering opportunities for both a cheap night out and even cheap meals once a week. Specifically, Lecoq has become famous for its “Bohemian nights”: Every Tuesday, you can be served a hearty meal and a draught beer (“mad & fad”) for just 50 DKK. This price is verging on the absurd, for which reason students often flock to Lecoq on Tuesday nights — so arrive early!

In terms of nightlife, the Lecoq bar is a cosy hangout with a significant loyal clientele and drink prices a notch lower than most nearby establishments. The bar additionally has a collection of the famous French Chartreuse liqueur, which is divisive to say the least, but certainly makes for an interesting experience — especially for first-timers.

Selected prices

Ceres Top beer (bottle), 33 cl
25.00 DKK
4 shots Chartreuse
100.00 DKK

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